Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is for Ted... and anyone else interested in playing external movies (say from Vimeo) on their website

Ted wanted to do it in flash, but im not that flash so I have thought of something else. I find flash for this kind of thing too restricting, and I get lost at the preloading of media files and all the rest...

Anyway, so with a mix of the following : HTML (Dreamweaver), Photoshop/Illustrator, Javascript Lightbox2 and Flash, we should be able to make something here.

sorry when i make something a link is disappears? so copy and paste the above url

This is an example of just clicking a thumbnail and opening a video. So you could do this on your blog pretty easy if it will let you add this kind of code, sometimes there are big restrictions on what code you can use in blogs etc - I need to test this!

If you had a static site you were working on yourself in dreamweaver the above link would be perfect.

An Image map (this is for you Ted) is where you make one big image, and you can make a hotspot on that image in Dreamweaver (very easily) and THEN it would open that video for that particular hotspot.

Or you could make a flash swf. And in this you would make an animated button, and add the code in there for the link to open the lightbox and so on. Heres a link

and this one too - flashlightbox! whodathunkit - scroll down to 'Modifications' - in that list is the flashlightbox stuff. Great.

This guy has it working - click on images in his header. Its just about getting videos into the lightbo at this point instead of just images.

So in short, we can test out this week / next week.

Will be updating this as we go

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