Thursday, July 30, 2009

Compressing your full res video with Compressor (for DVD, web etc)

Here is a link on the basics of using Compressor

Basic Final Cut Pro Editing

Here is a link to a nice pdf on the basics of editing in Final Cut Pro:

And you can find some links on File formats in the right hand menu on the main page of this blog >

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Making your own site
then you get:

LightCMS / Sign up for a free account - its only 10mb so you need to host any videos and files externally, and embed the html code into your website.

I suggest setting up a vimeo account for video and other files -

Say you have all your videos in your vimeo account, Vimeo automatically makes you an 'RSS Feed' - these are great for dynmically updating posts etc... If you go here:, you can look into ways of displaying your rss feed directly onto your website you have just set up, this outputs javascript, which you copy and paste just like any other element - when you are setting it up, take your time and read through the options, theres lots of stuff you can customise - ask me if you have any q's

Flickr for photos of your work -
You can then link into your website by copying code after you have poked around HERE: - take your time to look through this

These are free hosts for files, so you dont have to pay for hosting.

You can buy your own domain online ( is a good one) and use that for your website by linking it all up - ask me about doing this, or look it up.

What you would be aiming for is making your own design for this online cms, this will require for you to learn some basic html and css.
When you are adding content to your site - you can flick between design and html views to pick up the basics of html.

We will get more into html and css next week.

Please add to this post if you have any ideas or things you have come across.

Just sign up and muck around - see what you can do